BBC News
Kentucky Fried Chicken on Belfast’s upper Newtownards Road has, according to this story, been fined £12,000 for selling undercooked food.
Its owners, Herbel Restaurants, were taken to court by the city council after a complaint by a customer. The court heard Herbal Restaurants has been prosecuted seven times in six years, with fines totalling £32,000. The council was quoted as saying, “The complaint was taken very seriously by the council as raw chicken is regularly contaminated with food poisoning bacteria.”
A Belfast council spokesman was quoted as saying, “This type of food poisoning causes diarrhoea, fever, abdominal pain which can mimic acute appendicitis, and can last for up to a week.

Campylobacter is the single biggest cause of food borne illness in Northern Ireland. If properly cooked, the contaminated chicken no longer poses a risk. The company has a history of similar offences relating to public health, by selling food not of the quality demanded by the purchaser. Including this case, seven successful prosecutions have been taken against Herbel Restaurants by district councils in Northern Ireland, resulting in fines totalling £31,500 since 1999.”