From January 9, 2019, through March 1, 2021, a total of 56 people infected with the outbreak strain of Campylobacter jejuni were reported from 17 states.9 people were hospitalized; no deaths were reported.

Epidemiologic and laboratory evidence showed that contact with puppies, especially those at pet stores, was the likely source of this outbreak.38 (93%) of 41 ill people reported contact with a puppy before getting sick.

21 (55%) of these 38 people reported contact with a puppy from a pet store.

13 (62%) of these 21 people had a link to Petland, a national pet store chain.

5 (38%) of these 13 people were Petland employees.

The outbreak strain was identified in samples collected from two puppies in the homes of ill people, one in in Iowa and one in Minnesota. Both puppies were purchased from pet stores.

Laboratory evidence showed that bacteria from ill people were closely related genetically to bacteria from ill people in the 2016–2018 outbreak of multidrug-resistant Campylobacter infections linked to pet store puppies.