Gillain Barre Syndrome

Last Update: Tuesday, May 16, 2006. 11:19am (AEST)
A south-east South Australian environmental health officer has warned about a bacteria found on raw poultry and on animals, which he believes is on the increase.
Naracoorte Lucindale Council’s Dr Bob Netherton says the campylobacter bacteria commonly causes gastroenteritis, but can also cause other illnesses.
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Baytril, an antibiotic drug used for treating respiratory illnesses in chickens, is the first veterinary drug to be recalled from the market by the FDA. The government organization pulled the drug from the market in late July 2005, because of concerns over the emergence of antibiotic resistant campylobacter outbreaks in humans.
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Campylobacter is not the only thing that triggers Guillain-BarrÈ syndrome, but it is now recognized as one of the disorder’s major forerunners. Guillain-BarrÈ, which also may follow a viral illness, is an autoimmune attack on the peripheral nerves that can cause weakness and paralysis. Annually, about two people per 100,000 contract the syndrome.
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