The Campylobacter outbreak that left more than 300 people in Saratoga Springs ill and triggered a boil order appears to be receding, according to the Utah County Department of Health.

“We’re thinking that the outbreak is decreasing out there,” said Joy Holbrook, a nurse epidemiologist with the department. “It has been several days since we’ve had any new cases from Saratoga Springs.”

Though Holbrook said she couldn’t predict when the outbreak would end, “the pattern would show that if it’s continuing to decline, that it will just go away, and that’s what we’re hoping for.”  Some Saratoga Springs residents are still reporting illness. Because the health department only receives cases of Campylobacter confirmed in a laboratory, Holbrook said there “may be some people who are sick that we are not aware of, who have not been tested.”

Health department officials still are looking for the source of the contamination, which is responsible for 21 confirmed cases of Campylobacter and more than 300 probable cases. Holbrook said the small trace of organisms required to cause sickness and infection can be difficult to detect.