Raw milk has struck again, this time in western Colorado where at several people are suffering campylobacter poisoning. The Kinikin Corner Dairy in Montrose, CO has been ordered to cease and desist from distributing raw milk to the public, including its so-called "shareholders."

Raw milk traced to Kinikin, where the poison-producing cows come with cute little names, has made at least eight people sick, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The state says 10 of the 11 confirmed cases of campylobacter since March 30th are linked to drinking raw milk, and eight of those have admitted their raw milk pusher is the Kinikin Dairy.

The diary was order to stop sales late yesterday afternoon.

Campylobacter is often spread through cow feces and if contaminated fecal matter gets into water or milk, humans can get sick.

The Montrose dairy farm gives all the details of how it gets around those little legal prohibitions against selling raw milk to the public on its website here.


  • RawMilkDrinker

    Bill Marler (the author of this little “article”) has obvious ulterior motives in his opinion of raw milk because his law business involves itself solely in such cases. He, like he thinks all raw milk must be, is full of shit.

  • rawmilkdrinder2

    This person is clueless. Raw Milk is where it is at. The poison is the stuff they sell in stores. Kinikin is a great farm with really good people. The owner is one of the kindest men I have ever known. This ambulance chaser garbage should be taken off the net.

  • RawMilkDrinker3

    I don’t use this farm, but the way the article was written; it almosts sounds like a sneaky child posed as an adult because someone stole his bike! Raw milk is nature’s best! That store-bought, commercially “produced” slop is far more dangerous!

  • amicus curiae

    wow is this report biased or what! Poison producing killer cows, etc etc. where the hell is the editor? or is this he?? shame shame.

  • Don’t forget how many people get sick from drinking “pasturized milk” It’s a far higher number than those getting sick from raw milk!!

  • tony

    Anyone coming accross this, forget it. Raw milk is a very healthy way to go. Tip for readers, add some of your favorite sweetener and a couple drops of pure vanilla extract to a cold glass of RAW milk, and enjoy :)

  • Atom Egoyan

    The comments above indicate what sane people are up against here: a bonafide food fetish based on flawed reasoning and emotion that would be funny if it didn’t have such consequences. What ranters!
    Thank you to all the dairy farmers who continue to heat milk mildly for a few seconds to kill pathogens. So that I can then turn that milk into excellent cheese, without fearing that my customers will get sick, die, or suffer lifelong health problems!
    If you’re willing to listen to the irrational for your food safety, don’t come crying to me when you want someone else to pay for your health problems or insurance.

  • Elisa

    Let’s look at the whole picture here, there are potential drawbacks to every decision we make in life. There is good scientific backing for BOTH sides of the issue. Shouldn’t it be a personal choice whether we as consumers choose either raw or pasturized milk?! As long as consumers are made aware of either the potential dangers of raw milk, or the possibility of reduced nutritional value, shouldn’t the decision be up to the person? Why get so emotional, it’s just milk!

  • Tracy

    How about some sobering statistics….

    “So, if restaurants account for 40% of all food poisoning outbreaks and raw milk would account for .03% if all US citizens had access to and consumed it, why is eating in restaurants considered safe while drinking raw milk is considered hazardous?”

    “Even if all of the .2 deaths from raw milk consumption annually (between 1998 and 2008) were linked to Listeria it would still mean that a far greater number of deaths, 499.8, or 16% of all annual foodborne related deaths, were predominantly from deli meats.”

    For the whole article: http://www.localsustainability.net/2011/02/raw-milk-dairies-public-threat-or-easy-kill/

  • I grew up on raw milk. We had a cow and I helped milk her. I have followed this battle for years. A wise old doctor told me once that milk is a whole food until it is cooked. He said 28 of the protein components are destroyed in the pasteurization process so that it is no longer a whole food, plus many other components are destroyed also like vitamin C and other vitamins. Then add to that the insult of homogenization and you have something that looks like milk but isn’t even close to the healthiness of raw milk.
    I heard a psychiatrist who worked with juvenile delinquent boys. Boys often will down a quart of milk at a sitting in their growing up years. She found that the BHT added to pasteurized milk changed their behavior. When she took them off commercial milk they straightened out.
    Then there is this angle: The Promised Land was a land flowing with milk and honey. You better believe that neither the milk nor the honey were pasteurized! A little educations makes us too big for our britches and we think we’re smarter than God. Eat everything as close to the way he made it and you’ll be healthy.
    Raw milk dairies are cleaner than your kitchen table, whereas commercial dairies know the milk is going to be cooked so they don’t worry about the bacterial count. Commercial milk is full of dead bacteria on top of everything else.