We cannot resist saying it.  Our friends at Organic Pastures have stepped into again.   This just in from the State of California:

Grade A raw cream produced by Organic Pastures of Fresno County –product with the code date SEP 12—is the subject of a statewide recall and quarantine order announced by California State Veterinarian Dr. Richard Breitmeyer. The quarantine order came following the detection of campylobacter bacteria in the cream. The detection was confirmed this morning.

Campylobacter is one of the most common causes of food-borne illness in the United States. At this point, no illnesses have been reported. People with symptoms who consumed this product should consult their physicians.

Under the recall, Organic Pastures Grade A raw cream labeled with a SEP 12 code date is to be pulled immediately from retail shelves and consumers are strongly urged to dispose of any product remaining in their refrigerators.

As readers of Bill Marler’s blog know, this is not the first time.  Check this one out: Organic Pastures – "Where There is Smoke, There is Fire."

We wonder what kind of signs or other information Whole Foods is providing its customers today!

  • CB

    I have been drinking OP milk everyday for 4 years and have not become sick from it once. In fact, I very rarely get colds — maybe one in 18 months. I used to get 4 colds a year before I started drinking raw milk. There are more problems with food-borne illness in pasteurized milk than raw milk. Even in the 1940s, when it was about half pastuerized vs. half raw, pasteurized milk had more problems.
    What’s next? Are you going to go after soft boiled eggs? Should we irridiate cucumbers? I think this is all getting out of hand and out of balance with nature.