Campylobacter is a big problem in New Zealand.  Reporting for Meat & Poultry, the business journal for meat and poultry processors,  Bryan Salvage says:

New guidelines for poultry processors have been developed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (N.Z.F.S.A.) and the New Zealand Poultry Industry Association to reduce food poisoning cases associated with Campylobacter

New Zealand has the highest rate of Campylobacter in the world. The new code of practice will be implemented on March 1.

Meat & Poultry further reports that:

The new code of practice will apply to all poultry processors, with a goal to halve the number of cases of Campylobacter in the next five years, the N.Z.F.S.A. reported. Sharon Waggener, senior program manager of production, says the guidelines are far clearer than the existing ones and allow for suspension or even closure penalties if a processor fails to comply.

When we see a more complete summary of the new code from the government, we will pass it along.