A Queensland University of Technology (QUT)researcher has developed a new technique that can help scientists and clinicians quickly and cheaply diagnose the bacteria which causes the most common bout of food poisoning in Australia. Erin Price, from QUT’s Faculty of Science, has developed a novel set of methods that uses genetic markers to pinpoint the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni.

"Campylobacter jejuni is the commonest cause of bacterial food-borne gastroenteritis in westernised countries," Ms Price said. "It is more common than salmonella, yet most people have never heard of it."

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    what is the most common victims to prey upon of food poisoning ??
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    most effective weaons against the germ of food poisoning??
    any other identifying characteristics such as tattoos for food poisoning??

  • It’s really good news that we are albe to coming up with useful techniques in order to combat with food poisoning.
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