The latest scam by the raw milkers is found in Florida, according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune.   It reports:

The label on the jug reads “for pet use only,” but in the privacy of their kitchens, thousands of people statewide mix smoothies with, churn ice cream with, and drink cold glasses of raw milk.

It is illegal in Florida and many other states to sell raw milk as a human beverage because it can harbor pathogens such as Listeria and E. coli. Milk meant for people must undergo a heating process called pasteurization, which kills all bacteria.

But no laws forbid drinking it.

The headline to the story says it all: “Raw-milk lovers skirt the law: Unpasteurized product must be labeled ‘pet use only,’ but people are drinking it.”  Catch it all in the Sarasota H-T

  • zach

    WOW. What a strange, loathsome creature you are. Forget the fact that clean raw milk from pastured cows is a wonderful health food. Let’s say it was deadly poison. As long as it was clearly and correctly labeled, people have a right to consume what they want. If I want to buy dog crap, then that’s my business.
    Gotta go, I’m going to have a glass of RAW milk.

  • Marymary

    This has been going on in my state also. As for Zach, I sincerely hope you don’t become ill because of drinking your “wonderful health food.”

  • Atom Egoyan

    zach, you want to consume feces, don’t go feeding it to your kids, or clogging my hospital’s ER when you get sick, or upping my insurance rates, or expecting me to pay for your care.
    People have no right to consume poison. Your notion of “rights” sounds more like it derives from a religious cult and extreme immaturity than from any form of rationality, maturity, or sense of public responsibility.

  • Dave

    Let’s see, it’s OK to drink alcohol but not OK to drink raw milk? Strange country we live in.

  • James

    Well. I work on a Dairy and all I can say is_____
    I am 56 years old.
    I grew up drinking raw milk and drink it every day of my life.
    I do not plan to stop.

  • matachick

    I absolutely cannot believe the ignorance of scared people who have listened to what the medical and scientific and government “industries” have said. Is everyone getting healthier? NO, we are MORE unhealthy as a society than ever before, there are a MYRIAD of diseases exist that our ancestors have never even heard of such as autism and diabetes. Does your doctor or hospital make money if you are never sick and never have to go see them? They really don’t WANT you to be healthy or eating healthy food, especially if they have to make that payment on that million dollar mansion and porsche sitting in the garage. There is a monumental amount of money being made by people being ill and eating over processed food is the first culprit for causing illness. Pasturization may kill bacteria, but it also kills everything else that your body needs to be able to digest the said pasturized product, and many many minerals and other nutrients. The body is MADE to combat viruses and bacteria. It cannot combat illness if it has no nutrients, is stressed, is bombarded with the true poisons such as pesticides and literally hundreds of other toxic chemicals that we spray on our food and consume with a smile. You want to be afraid of something? Then direct your fearful energy towards your government that you are losing rights from every single day. You want to talk about hospitals getting “clogged up” by people drinking raw milk, give me a break, lets throw all the people aside then, that are in there because they have drank themselves to death with alcohol (legal), narcotics (pain killers made the chemical “heroin” that are being doled out by the doctors themselves.) hmmmmm, very strange indeed

  • sl_haker

    “Milk meant for people must undergo a heating process called pasteurization, which kills all bacteria” tell your devil fairy tails to some stupid kindergarten kids! Back in time people didn’t even know about pasteurisation and stuff and drank raw milk all the bloody time with no problem. But for some reason in the 21 century we don’t want to appreciate what nature gives us and try to find the ways of processing and genetically modifying food. What is going on?! Do those bloody politicians and dairy supply companies even know that pasteurisation not even kills bad bacteria that our immune system can cope with but also kills good bacteria? Moreover pasteurisation is a process of heating a food which means it deteriorates milk protein so much that it become very difficult for our body to digest it. Why they don’t tell us that the real problem and cause of deseases come from processed milk rather than raw? It’s Rediculous!!!