Sarah Svensson, the Ph D candidate who is an expert in Campylobacter and who was running as a Green Party candidate in British Columbia, lost.

She received 854 votes with a total of 12,731 ballots being cast in Columbia River-Revelstoke. The district easily re-elected the NDP’s Norm Macdonald to his second term. He bested BC Liberal Party candidate Mark McKee, 7,043 to 4,834.

Ms. Svensson, according to the Green Party’s website “is currently completing her doctorate in microbiology at UBC, where she studies the molecular biology of Campylobacter, a food-bourne bacterial pathogen. She hopes to continue researching infectious diseases that are the by-product of environmental and social change – complex diseases with difficult solutions.”

We wish her better luck with that than she had in her short political career.