According to last week’s press reports, Boulder County Public Health officials on Friday said they’d identified at least 26 cases of people who said they became ill after drinking raw milk from Billy Goat Dairy.  That’s 10 people more than the county reported on Wednesday, when it announced it had launched an investigation and had ordered the Billy Goat Dairy to cease distributing raw, unpasteurized raw milk.  Illnesses reported so far have been E. coli O157:H7 and Campylobacter.

“Right now, we’re waiting for confirmed lab results” from the people who became sick and from the dairy at 7577 N. 107th St., Alden said, to determine whether the illnesses are linked to goat milk from the dairy.  “We can say that everyone who has reported illness also reported drinking raw milk from Billy Goat Dairy,” Alden said.

Two children were examined at The Children’s Hospital in Aurora after becoming ill. Alden said Friday that one is still hospitalized and remains in serious condition with hemolytic uremic syndrome.