We’d be happy if the grocery store carts just came with wheels that worked. We do admit looking at each cart pretty carefully before taking it and we’ve always stacked things with some strategy in mind. (You do have to think about where the diaper-clad rider was sitting an hour earlier.) And we have on occasion used those handy wipes grocery stores have been offering us.

So it was only a matter of time before grocery stores began offering cart-washing services to their customer services. As the Wall Street Journal put it this week:

Though hardly Public Enemy No. 1, shopping carts are gaining a reputation as one of the dirtiest public places, with some found to harbor such microbial villains as the diarrhea-causing Campylobacter and the potentially deadly Salmonella.

Check out what’s happening at the Chevy Chase Supermarket here.  It will be coming to a store near you soon enough!