Another day, another update, and more people sick.  The number ill in the campylobacter outbreak has now reportedly risen to 77: 

Pennsylvania Department of Health officials said Thursday that the total number of cases continued to increase. The department has identified 67 cases in Pennsylvania, five in Maryland, two in New Jersey and three in West Virginia.

“This outbreak has now become the largest outbreak associated with raw milk in Pennsylvania in at least the past two decades,” health department spokeswoman Holli Senior wrote in an email.

Time to cue the comments denying that this (and other outbreaks) even exist.   There is a debate to be had in balancing public health and consumer’s choices.  That debate can’t start until those advocating for legality of raw milk confront the facts.

  • Chris Tobin

    Day #24 and still seriously ill. Raw milk may have some benefits, but one illness like this is enough to ensure that I never risk drinking it again!

  • Valerie

    looking for anyone out there who has been ill from the raw milk at Your Family Cow, I was seriously ill, took a round of antibiotics and seemed ok for 5 days,,,but, the camphylobactor came back with a vengence and had to be on another 7 day regimen of high mg antibiotics.
    Looking to see if anyone else has high medical bills from the cost of blood and other samples. My insurance company would not cover it all and I’m stuck with a $500 medical bill.
    Where is the justice in that???? I’m paying $500 for someone’s mistake???? Unreal. Does anyone out there that was sickened know about any class action lawsuit to get the farm to pay
    our medical costs?

  • Me

    Valerie, I had the milk and was hospitalized for 3 days. Multiple tests and doctors visits. I contacted the farm and they gave me the insurance info to collect any outstanding bills that my insurance didn’t pay.
    I know this stinks that we get all the ramifications and they get to go on selling raw milk.
    I developed Guillian Barre Syndrome from the bacteria and have been seeing a neurologist for the past month to watch that it doesn’t get any worse. Could take months to recover.
    Again, contact the farm and they should give you the information. I am sure there are others who don’t know what to do or even know that this is what it is from. Campylobacter can take 2-5 days to show symptoms of illness and I myself didn’t make the connection until I left the hospital.
    Good luck