The Oregon Health Authority has investigated a cluster of three Campylobacter cases among Oregon residents who consumed raw oysters. The oysters came from two different markets in Lane and Coos counties. The oysters were harvested from a single source in Coos Bay, Oregon.

The three Oregon patients who became ill with Campylobacter coli (a less common species of Campylobacter) reported illness after eating raw oysters between January 15-20, 2014. All patients were males between 50-75 years of age. Of the three patients, two were hospitalized and are recovering well.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division was informed and visited the company. The company has voluntarily recalled the oysters. Read the press release.

Oysters pose certain health risks when consumed raw. Those who are committed to eating oysters can cook them thoroughly. Read FDA’s article: The Danger of Eating Contaminated Raw Oysters and our factsheet on Safe Eating of Shellfish (pdf) to learn more.